At Samplekickz
& MR..SK, we focus
mainly on japanese
and local brands including
UE, Mastermind Japan,
Visvim, Sophnet,
Fragment, NBHD, Wtaps
Stussy, etc. Plenty
varieties for you to choose.
  • Samplekickz/MR..SK
  • MR..SK

    Shop 101, 1/F
    Winning Commerical Building
    46-48 Hillwood Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

    香港九龍山林道 46 - 48 號
    運通商業中心 1 樓 101 號舖

    Wechat: hkjpproxy

    Whatsapp: +852 90349469
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  • Posted by samplekickz on 07 Feb 2017

Click HERE to join our V.I.P mailing list to receive RANDOM DISCOUNTS OFFERS and the latest neighborhood 18ss updates because only our V.I.P members will receive these discount offers and updates.

These discount offers include:

  1. For all listing price (in hkd) $3000hk or less, you will not be charged any paypal fees upon check out, hence paypal fees exemption, only EMS shipping fees is charged instead.
  2. For all listing price (in hkd) from $3000hk to $9999hk, you will get free EMS shipping fees (this is not valid for selected countries), upon check out, hence check out price includes EMS shipping fees exemption already, only paypal fees is charged instead.
  3. For all listing price (in hkd) from $10000hk or more, you will get both free EMS shipping fees (this is not valid for selected countries) and paypal fees exemption, upon check out, hence you will get paypal fees exemption and free EMS shipping fees.
*These offers are valid unless stated otherwise on site, please note!*
if you have any questions, please whatsapp directly.

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