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5th Dimension : Mars Spiral
B23B : Solar Drop
Samplekickz : Jupiter Attack
Size : US10 w/ Aluminium Box
Production Date : 20/08/2003


5th Dimension, Samplekickz (online sneaker store), and Hong Kong sneaker boutique B23B are proud to present a uniquely artistic customized sneaker project, 523SK. 523SK aims to present theme of SPACE, and attempts to capture the essence of a Universe of unknown mystery that is both untouchable and OUT of REACH . . .
Featuring 3 pairs of timeless, classic Nike shoes ? the Air Force 1 Hi, the Air Max 90 and the Air Flight 89-the 523SK pack takes customization to the next level by depicting the work of a local Hong Kong graffiti artist "SHA". The artist specializes in a one-of-a-kind spray technique that hefs successfully applied to past projects for years. Although his craft was honed on everything from guitars, to pieces of furniture and motorcycle helmets, to his surprise the spray method worked exceptionally well on sneakers, a gcanvash he had never attempted to paint . . . until now.
Overall, the goal of the 523SK project is to reinforce the idea that customization is an ART, and that with any art form PROFESSIONALISM and dedication to advancement of the craft is truly the name of the game. We believe that true art is original and that the inspiration to create it comes from within . . . not from the copying the design of something that already exists. Furthermore, we realize that the market is flooded with an over-abundance of customized sneakers, yet it seems as if only a select few are created with bona fide originality and passion. This hinders the development of creativity and the innovation of art.


With the 523SK project, 3 pairs of shoes have been customized with distinctive spraying techniques, secret painting materials and unprecedented formulas. The CURLS and DROPS within the paint are reminiscent of spiral nebulas and crashing cosmic storms ? as explosive, energetic and mysterious as SPACE itself. Hence, the names MARS SPIRAL (AF1), SOLAR DROP (AM90) and JUPITER ATTACK (Flight89). Each pair is one of kind and displays its own special color characteristics and spraying techniques ? but all are bound together to create 523SK.

Please take a closer look and check the details yourself.

5th Dimension ~ Mars Spiral
B23B ~ Solar Drop
Samplekickz ~ Jupiter Attack

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