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Fragment, NBHD, Wtaps
Stussy, etc. Plenty
varieties for you to choose.
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  • Posted by samplekickz on 18 Jun 2020

Please be aware that the fabric used may vary in color and pattern from item to item. Customers may not choose a specific pattern.

available colors: olive

available sizes: M8/M9/M9.5/M10/M11/M12

release date in japan: 11/7

I will be attending this INDIGO CAMPING TRADING POST event, but unfortunately for this event, reservation in advance may not be possible, so it will all depends on the luck of the draw on the release date. So I will not have confirmed price until the release date morning.

So for pre-order, you are welcome to place a small deposit first to ensure the chance to buy (if draw is favorable),  if so, I will give you first priority to pick and I will notify you as soon as I have confirmed price. (of course deposit is fully refundable if draw is not favorable.)

please whatsapp us to place the deposit now!!

  • Posted by samplekickz on 07 Apr 2020

available colors: beige, camel

available wmn sizes: W6 , W7 , W8 , W9 , W10 (US)

release date in japan: 10/4

please whatsapp us for order now!

  • Posted by samplekickz on 02 Apr 2020

available colors: beige, black, camel

available sizes: 8-12

release date in japan: 8/4

please whatsapp us to pre order now!!

  • Posted by samplekickz on 01 Mar 2020

available colors: indigo

available sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

release date in japan: 4/3

please whatsapp us to pre order now!!