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  • Posted by samplekickz on 16 Jul 2014

available colors: black

release date in japan: 19/7

pre order price: $3680hkd+s/h


7 Responses to “White Mountaineering x SEIKO 14SS (300本限定)”

  1. Gregroy Says:


    Do you have this watch in stock now? Thanks

  2. samplekickz Says:

    not in store, but i can order from japan thank you, please reply if you need?

  3. Gregory Says:

    Yes, I’m interested in buying this. Please let me know the details. My email address is

  4. Kean Says:

    Hi, I would like to purchase a piece of this watch model. Is it still available? Thanks.

  5. samplekickz Says:

    yes, according to staff, its still available, but because its very limited item, i cant reserve it with staff, so the earlier you send payment, the better chance i can secure it for you thx. so please order thru site or reply with your paypal account and i can send you invoice directly thx.

  6. Charlie Says:

    Hi, do you still have this watch?

  7. samplekickz Says:

    sorry, sold out already thx

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