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& MR..SK, we focus
mainly on japanese
and local brands including
UE, Mastermind Japan,
Visvim, Sophnet,
Fragment, NBHD, Wtaps
Stussy, etc. Plenty
varieties for you to choose.
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  • Posted by samplekickz on 06 Dec 2017



Crowdfunding Info
Crowdfunding Platform: Kickstarter
Crowdfunding Statistics: 14592GBP / 353 backers
Crowdfunding origin: London, UK

shipment specifications:
- product will available for shipment in approximately 1 to 2 weeks after your payment is received, before shipment, email and whatsapp will be sent to you for shipment date confirmation.
- 這是預購貨品,貨品大約會在收錢後一至兩星期左右寄出,到前會email和WhatsApp作通知。

once orders are completed, we will contact you to confirm on strap colors (if you are buying strap packs)

different packs
wallet colors


Securely positioned around the centre of the N1 is an interchangeable woven elastic strap which keeps your credit cards and notes neatly held in place, design in its truest form - beautiful and functional. This is where the N1 shows off its less serious side; customisable, with straps in a range of colours, you can own your style whichever way you choose.

And last, but of course by no means least, the N1 also offers that little something extra - an integrated bottle opener for when you’re caught short. A simple addition that we hope will just make life that little bit easier.


With more of us ditching cash in favour of the trusty debit card, we were inspired to design a sleek & slim minimalist wallet machined from high grade aluminium which protects your cards from RFID fraud and prevents card clash.

It’s variety of interchangeable coloured straps add an element of fun and customisability while keeping your cards secure.


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