CONSIGNMENT is for all buyers. we will act here as a middle man, with our strong WORLDWIDE connections, we can help to get u to sell the stuffs u probably wont be able to sell yourself. so this is a good chance for u to ensure that u will sell your items and get the amount u want in a shorter period of time, definitely beats listing on ebay and dealing with all the troubles and problems there.


please email us at the following information, we need to keep that as record when the item is sold:

  • your full name
  • the item name
  • the item serial code
  • the size of the item
  • whether its brand new or not?
  • whether its with original box or not?
  • your request price (in hkd$)
  • your email address
  • your mailing address
  • 6 pictures of the shoes. ( click here for examples please. )

then we will reply with your consignment confirmation as soon as the item is listed on site.

once the item is sold, we will inform you to have the item sent, item MUST be sent by you within 48hrs after we receive payment from buyer.

once the buyer has confirmed the arrival of the package, payment will be paypal to your account immediately.

Because recently, there were cases where some sellers (you know who you are) failed to inform me that they have sold their items themselves, losses have been incurred as i have to pay back the buyers the payments. So from now on, for all consignments, all sellers must pay a $50hkd deposit (which is the payment for the handling charges to pay back the payment to buyer) in advance to avoid such incident happening again. This deposit is fulling refundable when the item is sent and received by buyer.

So please click the following paypal button to pay for the deposit and your item will be listed on site when the amount and the informations required are received.


1.we do not sell FAKE, B-GRADES, VARIANTS, BOOTLEGS or anything of this kind, so dont bother to ask if thats what u want to sell. we will only sell AUTHENTIC PRODUCTS, no exceptions.

2.there is 10% charge for our consignment service for the seller, we will deduct 10% (or more) from whatever price you set for the item listed and buyer pays for the price the seller sets plus shipping. so, please notice this when u set your price.

3.its seller's responsibility to provide us with absolutely correct informations. no exceptions.

4.please try your best to send us pictures which are of good quality. the better the quality of pictures are, the better the chance of sale. click here for examples please.

5.all payment to seller will be paid via direct bank transfer or paypal, no exceptions.

6.if direct bank transfer is used, we will request for your bank informations once we confirm a sale.

7..if paypal is used, then seller will pay for all handling fees (paypal fees of 4.2% of total). e.g, if your shoes were sold for $100us, then will deduct $4.2 from $100 and give back $95.80 to u.

8.we will not list the item as consignment if ALL the above informations are not provided.

9.all items must be shipped by seller (you) within 48hrs after we confirm a sale with buyer.

10.all items must be shipped via REGISTERED MAIL (speedpost ems) with tracking# provided, no exceptions. if shoes are sent otherwise, we will deduct the differences between registered speedpost shipping cost and other mailing service costs from your shoes sale.

11.if item is lost on its way to the buyer, its not our ( responsibility to pay for the lost, its seller's responsibility to pay for all cost alone.

12.after u consign your item with us, in any case where u sell the item yourself, you must inform us the item is no longer available within 24hrs. if one fail to do so, and result in a non-sale with our buyer, then seller (you) will be banned from our site until further notice. this is very important as we dont want to disappoint our buyer and make refund all because u fail to inform us about your own sale.

13.once the buyer receive the item, and if the item is not as described as seller's description, full refund will be paid back to buyer, and seller will need to pay the full return shipping fees to get the item back. no exceptions. soon as we get all your informations, your shoes will be listed on site within 48hrs.

15.incase of disputes, we ( will make the final decision. no exceptions.

16. For the $7us consignment deposit, it must be paid before any item is listed on site.

17. For the $7us consignment deposit, it must be paid via paypal, please click the paypal button above for payment.

18. The $7us consignment deposit is fully refundable when buyer confirms the arrival of the package, this refund will be paid via paypal only.

19. If seller fails to provide the item when i confirm the sale, then the $7us consignment deposit will be used to pay back the handling fees for paying back the payment to buyer, therefore, not refundable in this case.

20. Those sellers who fail to inform me when they sell their items themselves and as the result cause any inconvinences to the site and buyer, they will be banned to buy or sell with us until further notice. Because i hate irresponsible sellers and you are no longer welcomed by site!!!


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