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& MR..SK, we focus
mainly on japanese
and local brands including
UE, Mastermind Japan,
Visvim, Sophnet,
Fragment, NBHD, Wtaps
Stussy, etc. Plenty
varieties for you to choose.
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    Winning Commerical Building
    46-48 Hillwood Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

    香港九龍山林道 46 - 48 號
    運通商業中心 1 樓 101 號舖

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  • Posted by samplekickz on 22 Apr 2019

available colors: black, camel, sand, navy, red dirt

available sizes: 8-11 (please whatsapp us if you need sz 12)

release date in japan: 24/4

please whatsapp us for order now!

  • Posted by samplekickz on 13 Nov 2018

available colors: white, green

available sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4

release date in japan: 17/11

please click here for price quotes & orders

if you see a cheaper price else where, please whatsapp us for PRICE MATCH

the travelling trading post will be held at Sendai F.I.L on 17/11,  but because of the limited nature of all stocks, we may not reserve any in advance, so we will do our best to get it at the store on those release days, items will only be sold via LUCKY DRAW at The Travelling trading post in Sendai F.I.L, will have confirmation on around 19/11 thank you.

  • Posted by samplekickz on 01 Apr 2018

available colors: white, navy, red

available sizes: 8, 10

if you see a cheaper price else where, please whatsapp us for PRICE MATCH


  • Posted by samplekickz on 30 Nov 1999

available cuts: 04

available colors: indigo

available waist sizes: 32

ON SALE: 73440 yen (only Japan retail (tax in))

please whatsapp us to buy now!!